My name is Asger Stenberg, and you have reached my private homepage. I live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark which is a small country located in the northern region of Europe.

My personal interests include outdoors recreational activities such as fishing and hiking. Other than that I like tasting strange Whiskeys and black-powder shooting (but not at the same time ;-) Or just to sit down and relax with a good movie.

I hold a Master of Science within the field of electrical engineering, more specifically in Computer Systems - this is still a pretty wide term, narrowing it down my primary (professional) abilities include digital design, ASIC/FPGA, SoC, and hardware/software interaction (co-design) as well as being a nice person to work with. If you want more details, you can find them on my LinkedIn page here.

I am employed in the Danish branch of Vitesse Semiconductor and my tasks is within my primary field of study. We produce ASICs for the Ethernet networking industry.

The purpose of this site is to provide a bit of info about myself (the above sections fulfill that requirement) and to provide a space for publishing a few of the projects that I have worked on over the past years. For now I have only made one project available - but given time I may get around to publish a few more.

Peugeot ACE400 Ignition System
If you have an old Peugeot scooter with immobilizer system this page may be of interest to you. It shows how to disable a defective ACE 400 immobilizer.

I have an email address at this domain, but if you want to contact me you will have use your imagination to work out what it is. Granted that the domain is my last name, it should not be that hard to guess!

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